Opportunities in the Southeast Asia Economy

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Seizing Business Opportunities in the Thriving Southeast Asia Economy

The Southeast Asian countries, with their thriving economies, offer an exceptional opportunity for Spanish and Latin American companies or professionals seeking to tap into one of the most promising economic regions in the world. AVCO CORPORATE recognizes the immense potential of the Southeast Asia economy and operates its Malaysian Office as an ideal platform for businesses looking to enter not only the Malaysian market but also other neighboring markets.

Through our Malaysian Office, we provide comprehensive support to Spanish and Latin American companies and professionals aiming to execute their business plans in this dynamic region. Additionally, we assist Southeast Asian companies and professionals interested in expanding their presence in Europe or Latin America. We understand the unique challenges and intricacies of conducting business across different continents, and our services are tailored to facilitate seamless cross-border operations.

At AVCO CORPORATE, we offer a wide range of services to support businesses venturing into the Southeast Asia economy. Some of the key services we provide include:

Business Inteligence

Collection, storage and analysis of data to help managers to make better decissions.

Basic Information

Of market niches most conducive to client’s products or services. Support to develop market entry strategies.

Corporate Set Up

Of regional or representative offices, branches or a subsidiaries. Provision of nominal directors and  corporate secretaries.

Due Diligence
Foreign Direct Investments

We are activily involved in cross-border investments helping companies or individuals to purchase assets abroad.

Foreign Trade
Immigration Proceedings
Local Partners

Selection of local partners, whether importer, distributor or franchisee, among others, and background check. Company visits and meeting arrangements. Negotiation supports.

Market Studies
  • Market environment.
  • Competition landscaping.
  • Trading/investments targets.
M&A Operations
AVCO worker in the southeast asia economy


This Department of AVCO CORPORATE has as a  main objective to unburden the clients from the problems and inconveniences derived from pursuing their credits, saving them both time and resources in the recovery of their outstanding balances.

Among the steps we carry out on behalf of our clients in this particular field are the following ones in out-of-court settlements:

General advice throughout the collection process

Information on debtors financial situation

Management and monitoring of the collection process

Registration of outstanding balances on the list of unpaid debts (ASNEF / RAI)

Representation in negotiations with debtors


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